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Cyber Security Startups London #1 BEST CYBERSECURITY COMPANIES UK Guide

Cyber security startups london cyber security startups UK cyber security companies london cyber security companies uk

Cyber Security Startups London #1 BEST CYBERSECURITY COMPANIES UK Guide

When you think of web crime busters you may naturally believe they are all in silicon valley or Israel and it’s certainly true they are both world class clusters for internet crime prevention but rather stealthily (Ed = nice work…) London has been catching up part due to Fintech and favourable investment conditions so let’s look at some of the web protection companies helping to protect our digital future.

Cybersecurity startups

1. Dark Trace

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk dark trace

Dark Trace helps stop advanced spear-phishing and business email compromise with AI that understands your organization – and detects the most advanced email threats, from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.

Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace was the first company to develop an AI system for cyber security.

The company was seed-funded by Invoke Capital, a specialist technology investment fund headed by Dr Mike Lynch OBE, and the Invoke team was instrumental in working with the founders in the early days. Later investors include KKR, Samsung Ventures, TenEleven Ventures, Insight Venture Partners and Vitruvian.

Darktrace founders also include cyber security experts from government intelligence backgrounds, united in their mission to fundamentally transform the ability of organizations to defend their most critical assets in the face of rising cyber-threat.

Darktrace’s pioneering technology, the Enterprise Immune System, applies AI to the cyber defense challenge for the first time, detecting cyber-threats that existing, legacy systems cannot.

Cyber security startups london anonymous dark trace logo

2. Ravelin

Cyber security startups london cyber security startups UK ravelin

Ravelin’s mission is to provide their clients with the world’s most accurate fraud
detection service to make online commerce a safe place to do business.

Ravelin do this by predicting risk with unmatched accuracy and speed, to enable their clients to prevent fraud and accept payments with confidence.

Ravelin Hot Cybersecurity Startups London

3. PQ Shield

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london pq shield

PQ Shield originated out of University of Oxford, PQShield are specialists in Post-Quantum Cryptography. PQ Shield provide quantum-secure cryptographic solutions for software, software/hardware co-design and data in transit. This is particularly important where long lifecycle, performance and lasting confidentiality are a priority, now and for years to come.

PQ Shield believe we need to be prepared for the threat landscape of the future. Consider the proliferation and lifecycle of connected systems across telecoms, automotive, smart environments and financial institutions – the need for advanced post-quantum protection is evident.

During the transition from older cryptographic standards to new post-quantum cryptography, interoperability with legacy systems is important and PQ Shield’s solutions provide fast time to market and compliance with both existing and upcoming cryptography standards.

Cyber security startups london cyber security startups UK pqshield logo
cyber security companies uk

4. CyberSmart

Cyber security startups london cyber security startups UK cybersmart banner

Cyber Smart are in our guide because they was born out of a GCHQ accelerator in 2017, CyberSmart was created by a group of forward-thinking security experts, who noticed that many companies needed to secure themselves and achieve information security standards, but ultimately found the process too complicated or were limited by financial or human resources.

The team believes that every organisation should be able to easily comply with recognised standards and protect their data and infrastructure.

Through making security accessible, they have achieved tremendous growth and protect tens of thousands of users and, as a result, have smashed right into our London guide.

CyberSmart logo Hot Cyber security startups London

5. Netsparker

Cyber Security Startups London BEST UK CYBER SECURITY startups UK netsparker

Netsparker helps you combat the cybersecurity skills gap and fully automate your web security processes.

You can perform automatic vulnerability assessment, which helps you prioritize your work on fixing the issues. You can also automatically discover and protect your current web assets so you can avoid resource-intensive manual procedures.

cyber security startups london best startups cyber security london netsparker banner
cyber security companies uk

6. Tessian

Cyber Security Startups London BEST UK CYBER SECURITY startups UK Tessian

To prevent today’s advanced email security threats, your security controls must have the ability to continually analyse, adapt and evolve based on an understanding of normal and anomalous human behaviour. 

This is Tessian’s approach.

London Startups London 2020 UK Hot Top - Tessian

7. Callsign

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner callsign

Callsign are an identity fraud, authorization & authentication company, solving the challenges that organizations face in getting their users on to & interacting with their digital platforms.

To do this Callsign hire the brightest, most inquisitive minds who want to change the rules of identity and make this mission a reality. Callsign products use deep learning techniques to combine event, threat, and behavioural analytics with multi-factor authentication, securing access to services whilst uniquely ensuring the most frictionless and transparent user experience.

cyber security companies uk

Callsign provide risk intelligence in real time, enabling organizations to intelligently adjust authentication journeys, also in real time by pinpointing suspicious access attempts, Callsign can step up and step down the authentication requirement, catching fraudulent activity more effectively while simultaneously removing friction for legitimate users.

Cyber security startups London callsign logo

8. Yoti

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london yoti

Yoti app are a need addition to our guide as Yoti gives you a safe and convenient way to prove your identity and credentials, online and in person.

Cyber security startups London yoti logo

9. Garrison

cyber security startups london garrison banner

Garrison‘s tech isolates your endpoint from risky websites, remotely transforming all web content to a verifiably safe format.

Garrison’s model is different and that’s why we’ve added them to our guide as Garrison eliminate threats by transforming everything into a guaranteed safe format.

Built on hardsec security patterns, their threat elimination platforms deliver unparalleled security, performance and scale.

Cybersecurity startup garrison logo

10. SNYK

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london snyk

SNYK empowers software-driven businesses to develop fast and stay secure

Snyk’s unique combination of developer-first tooling and best in class security depth enables businesses to easily build security into their continuous development process.

Cyber security startups London snyk

11. Privitar

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london privitar

Privatar is dedicated to helping organizations realize the promise of their most valuable asset – safe, usable data – to empower them to create better products, services and customer experiences.

As part of a modern data architecture, the Privitar Data Privacy Platform protects user data so that enterprises can minimize privacy risk – preserving customers’ hard-won trust and achieving regulatory compliance.

cyber security companies uk

Cybersecurity startups london privatar logo

12. Feature Space

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london featurespace

Feature Space is another new addition to our guide as they claim to be the inventor of what they call Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and the award-winning ARIC Risk Hub and are globally recognised as the industry expert in combatting financial crime.

Featurespace is dedicated to making the world a safer place for their clients and their customers. Financial crime is an enormous issue for society and to combat it Feature Space have developed market-leading solutions to fight financial crime – using real-time machine learning software powered by their invention – Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. 

Cyber security startups feature space logo

13. Digital Shadows

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london digital shadows

Digital Shadows positions itself as the market leader in Digital Risk Protection by identifying unwanted exposure, protect against external threats to minimise digital risk.

Digital Shadow’s SearchLight product is a managed service that enables you to minimize your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface. Unrivaled coverage, expertise and relevance make SearchLight the market leading Digital Risk Protection solution.

cyber security companies london digital shadows

14. Glasswall

cybersecurity startups uk cyber security startups london glasswall

Glasswall claims to be is a unique technology that shifts the security paradigm of looking for the bad, to only allowing the ‘known good’ establishing an industry standard for electronic file and document integrity, security and assurance.

y analysing and regenerating files in real-time, Glasswall gives protection against even the most persistent and complex file based threats.

cyber security startups uk glasswall

15. Immersive Labs

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner immersive labs

Immersive Labs is another one of the London companies in this guide that covers everything from spelling the word cyber to technical tools, threat hunting, and reverse engineering malware. Immersive Labs delivers continuous challenges, scenarios, and crisis simulations.

Their challenge-based cybersecurity content is developed by experts and powered by the latest threat research. Use unique technology enabling your business to battle-test and evidence its preparedness to face emerging cyber threats.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk Immersive labs

16. Egress

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner egress

Egress vision is for a connected world in which people communicate efficiently and securely. To achieve this, Egress wrap a protective layer around individual users to stop human-activated data breaches before they happen.

Cyber security startups london egress

Their patented technologies are built using leading-edge contextual machine learning and powerful encryption that mitigate modern risks in ways that they claim other solutions simply can’t achieve and they provide intelligent email security to prevent accidental and intentional breaches, protect sensitive data, and equip CISOs and their teams with the detailed reporting required for compliance purposes.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner egress

17. Miracl

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner miracl

Miracl secures the people, apps and things needed to run a digital business by eliminating outdated security practices in your infrastructure, including passwords, root keys and stored credentials.

Cyber security startups london miracl

Miracl’s single security platform enables nearly every part of your digital business, from web and mobile applications, to the Internet of Things, the Enterprise Blockchain, and public/private cloud environments.

cybersecurity startups uk miracl logo

18. My Pinpad

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner my pinpad

Mypinpad is one of the global leaders in secure personal authentication for payment solutions residing on commercially available smartphones and tablets.

Cybersecurity startups london mypinpan

Their proprietary and patented technology secures and protects the input of sensitive information (such as cardholder PIN) on everyday smartphones and tablets.

MYPINPAD’s innovative solution suite removes the reliance on PCI certified payment hardware, reducing cost and complexity whilst promoting card acceptance adoption.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner mypinpad

19. SafeToNet

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk banner safe to net

SafeToNet  is a cyber-safety company. It keeps children safe online wherever they are around the world and is fast becoming the leading global authority in online safeguarding.

Cyber security startups london safetonet
cybersecurity startups uk

SafeToNet has developed pioneering, award winning and patented technology that includes artificial intelligence to tackle key online threats such as cyberbullying, sextortion, grooming, abuse, and aggression.

SafeToNet also provides real-time advice and guidance for children and parents about online issues as they arise and at the exact time when help is needed the most.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber sercurity startup uk safetonet

20. Isode

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner isode

Isode has been developing and supporting Commercial off the shelf (COTS) client & server software for secure messaging and directory systems and their software is at the heart of mission-critical solutions for Government, Military, EDI and Civil Aviation customers in over 150 countries and that’s why we’ve added them to our Cyber Security Startups London guide

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk isode

21. Billon

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner billon

Billon’s mission is to unleash the transformational capabilities of blockchain technologies in the regulated world.

Their system is designed to deliver tangible business results by unifying payments and regulated data, with the management of identity, in real-world implementations.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner billon logo
Best Cyber Security Startups London Guide

21. Exonar

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner exonar

Exonar are building what they claim to be world’s leading data discovery software designed to index your structured and unstructured information at huge scale, allowing you to use what’s valuable and govern what’s sensitive and find unprotected sensitive information across all your structured and unstructured data instantly.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk exonar

22. FloLive

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner flolive

FloLive are building the world’s first Software-Defined Connectivity (SDC) solution – a converged cloud-native, global connectivity service with inherent billing, fully designed and built for IoT.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk flolive
FloLive Cyber Security Startups London Guide

23. Quantexa

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner quantexa

Quantexa‘s Contextual Decision Intelligence is a new approach to data that gives organizations the ability to connect internal and external data sets to provide a single view, enriched with intelligence about the relationships between people, places and organizations.

Quantexa’s platform dynamically generates the context needed to automate millions of operational decisions, at scale, across multiple business units, including Anti-Money Laundering, Know-Your-Customer, Fraud, Credit Risk and Customer Intelligence.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk quantexa

24. OneFireWall

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner onefirewall

OneFireWall has been founded to address and prevent malicious cyber activity through data sharing, analysis and distribution. Hackers from around the world are grouping in associations to be more effective on their malicious intents, while every organization defends itself alone,

OneFirewall Alliance changes everything as their solution, through its Threats Info Sharing Platform and IP Reputation Score Engine will increase security while decreasing its cost.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk onefirewall

25. Censornet

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner censornet

Censornet has been added to our Cyber Security Startups London Guide as they are one of the leading force sin innovative and automated cloud security that offers robust, consolidated solutions for businesses​ and organisations.

Their unique security platform and approach has led to over 1,500 customers globally selecting us to protect their millions of users from a range of security threats.

From the point of user access to deep granular transparency and control, their security suite helps organisations embrace the potential of the cloud without compromising security or limiting users.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk censornet

26. OneTrust

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner onetrust

OneTrust technology powers privacy, security and data governance programs. More than 6,000 customers use OneTrust to build integrated programs that comply with the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, ISO27001 and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk OneTrust Logo
OneTrust Best Cyber Security Startups UK 2020 Guide

27. Keyless

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner keyless

Keyless s a deeptech, cybersecurity company building the world’s first privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform. The Keyless Cloud Platform empowers businesses to embrace passwordless, protect their remote workforce and enable strong customer authentication with just a look.

Keyless Zero-Knowledge Biometric (ZKB™) solutions provide passwordless multi-factor authentication that eliminates fraud, phishing and credential reuse – all while enhancing customer and employee experiences and protecting their privacy.

With Keyless, businesses are finally able to adopt zero-trust security, eliminate passwords, ensure privacy compliance and deliver unified authentication experiences across every touchpoint.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk keyless

28. CyberOwl

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk banner cyberowl

CyberOwl helps asset operators in the maritime and critical national infrastructure sectors gain visibility, cyber security and cyber compliance of systems on their distributed, remote assets. CyberOwl provide technologies, a managed service and specific cyber security advisory services to support the asset operator.

CyberOwl’s technologies provide near-real-time visibility of the behaviours of assets and their communication patterns. They are deployed to identify and inventory assets on the IT and OT networks of these operational platforms.

They detect and raise early warning of cyber attack tactics, techniques and procedures; identify anomalous and suspicious activity; and monitor for non-compliance with cyber security policies. These are delivered through a modular, distributed architecture that is optimised for environments facing the challenges of intermittent connectivity, bandwidth constraints and the need for remote management.

Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk cyberowl

29. Brand Shield

cyber security startups uk brand shield

BrandShield is an online threat hunting company, specialized in monitoring, detection and removal of online threats such as phishing attempts, executive impersonation, counterfeit products, trademark infringements and more.

BrandShield was established to revolutionize the way companies can protect their digital assets outside their security perimeter. Ever since the launch we have introduced groundbreaking innovative features and services to provide the most automated and relevant solutions for the 21st century, such as the Patterns detection, built-in enforcement case management, cross-brand detection, The Matrix detection cross platform, mobile apps monitoring and more.

cyber security startups uk brand shield

30. Cado

cyber security startups uk cado

Cado claim to be provider of the world’s first cloud-native cyber forensics and response platform Cado Response, today announced the close of a $1.5 million seed round led by Ten Eleven Ventures, the original Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity venture capital firm. Cado Security will use the funding to expand its development team in the United Kingdom.

Traditional tools used to investigate cyber-attacks cannot assess potential impacts on cloud or container infrastructure. To accurately determine impact, companies have historically needed extensive time and a substantial budget to spend on third-party resources with cloud expertise.

Regulatory requirements now mandate that companies move even quicker and more thoroughly in the aftermath of an incident. Companies are hard-pressed to find a solution that can help them respond quickly, efficiently, and with confidence, especially in the cloud.

cyber security startups uk cado logo
cyber security startups uk cado logo

31. Sophos

Cybersecurity companies uk cyber security company london sophos banner

Sophos Group plc is a British security software and hardware company. Sophos does this by developing products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security and unified threat management and is primarily focused on providing security software to 100- to 5,000-seat organizations.

sophos cybersecurity companies uk
sophos cybersecurity companies uk

32. Push

Cybersecurity companies uk cyber security company london push banner

Push Technology was founded to solve the real-time systems and application connectivity and data distribution challenges experienced by companies worldwide as they develop systems and new business models. We assembled an international team of business and technology experts; and the team works closely with customers to analyze their needs and understand the imperatives of their businesses.

Cybersecurity startups UK guide

We are successful because we have pioneered technology solutions to solve real-world, business challenges. Today, we continue, as we began, to stay tuned with the market and cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Push Technology solutions enable companies worldwide to produce new products and services and achieve their digital transformation objectives. These market leaders leverage Push Technology solutions to power their systems and applications, critical to business expansion, revenue growth, and optimal ongoing business operations.

Cybersecurity companies uk cyber security company london push

33. One Trust

Cybersecurity companies uk cyber security company london one trust banner

OneTrust products are backed by 75 patents and can be used standalone – or seamlessly integrate together – to give you the right-sized technology for your privacy, security and third-party risk programs. Powered by an intelligence database of hundreds of laws, OneTrust adapts to the jurisdictions and frameworks that matter most to you, generating the right dashboards, visuals and record keeping reports you need.

OneTrust is co-headquartered in Atlanta and in London, and has additional offices in Bangalore, San Francisco, Melbourne, New York, São Paulo, Munich, Hong Kong and Bangkok

Cyber security startups London guide

Backed and co-chaired by the founders of Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and AirWatch ($1.54B acq. by VMware), and supported by over $400 million funding from Insight Partners and Coatue, the OneTrust leadership team has significant experience building scalable, enterprise software platforms. OneTrust is also guided by an external advisory board of renowned privacy experts and an in-house global privacy and legal research team.

Cybersecurity companies uk cyber security company london onetrust

Cyber Security Startups UK

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What does Cyber Security Mean?

Cybersecurity means software that protects networks, devices, and data from unauthorised access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information

Are Cyber Security Startups Growing?

Yes. Cyber security is a massive growth area as the world continues to go on line and many of the early entrants are now being challenged by a new wave of cyber security startup companies

Is London a Cyber Security Hub?

Yes. London is becoming a world leader in cyber security part due to proximity to the city of london

Is it a good career move to go and work for one of the great cyber security startups london has to offer?

Go for it! The skills you learn will very much be transferable

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